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it’s easy to sink if you look toward the bottom.
but in the depth you’ve lost the shallow.
for hearts are pebbles in the sea.

the constant chase of maps forgotten.
lost in no direction to be found.
for darkness has no sound.
the light, a corner and around.

i’m the number in the formula.
a result of my own program.
with sight, a mind in flight.
and fluttering wings of light.

you can hold a memory for life.
and time won’t let go of you.
a close of the eye, and goodbye.
ascending to be transferred.

relearn the lesson.
break free for life.
read the code, write it.

file titled:/’super’/’creative’/’clever’.exe
c: drive – random access memory.
forever ROM.
Power, on.


self portrait.

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it was the time of high noon and i longed for the moon.

stars were caught in my eye as i pondered the who and the why.

my mind would fly as my heart did sigh.

the sun to the sky, the time to good-bye.


it was the time of high noon and i longed for the moon.

steps were caught in the lands as i drew the commands.

my legs would run as my heart’s undone.

the moon to the night, the light to my flight.


it was the time of high noon and i longed for the moon.

words were caught in the sea as i spoke of you and me.

my soul would rise as my heart denies.

the book on the shelf, the sight to myself.


it was the time of high noon and i longed for the moon.

speak in terms.

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Sky’s hold on to their rain as the almighty wind sways.

A dress laid on the bed.

Every regret, a door forever unopened.

Flowers hold on to their petals as the almighty wind sways.

A wrinkle in the bed sheet.

Fragments of light, floating.

Every breath, an exchange of time never to return

Trees hold on to their leaves as the almighty wind sways.

Fingerprints on a wine glass.

Every word, a thought never unheard.

I hold on to my days, as the almighty wind sways.

a side of nature with that.

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I’ll have a side of nature with that.

I’ll bet that no human from the ancient world would have ever imagined that through the mechanism of society, we would depart from one of the most beautiful aspects of living on this planet.

It appears that somehow,  humans have preferred to be surrounded by concrete, asphalt, and glass windows. No longer is it a part of our society to experience nature on a daily basis.

I would like to know why things have become this way.

You often times will hear people talk so highly of the beauty of nature and yet, we’re rarely exposed to it’s beauty in full.

Nowadays, it’s a man made lake somewhere. A patch of grass in a park. A weekend camping getaway, in a cabin or trailer.

We like to dip our toes into the idea of living with nature, but yet we are never actually fulled immersed in it’s embrace.

Why is that? Is it the hundreds of years that our ancestors spent dreading the difficulty of living in nature that perhaps caused a genetic mutation?

Are we now officially programmed to be incapable of survival in the wild?

I know I would be completely useless if the wilderness were suddenly my home and as a matter of fact, traditional education does nothing to teach of these things either.

For example, we all hate to think about it, but what if tomorrow, it’s all over.

The power goes out, the water stops running, and food becomes scarce.

Considering how our generation mainly grew up in front of a computer with pizza delivery on speed dial, I highly doubt many of us would be very capable of sustainability or survival.

Would you?

It is also ironic that if something like an apocalypse were to happen, most everyone would attempt to flee into nature.

This is funny because all it would take is a collapse of luxuries and we would be right back to appreciating the warmth of the sun and the green in the grass.

We would run to the forests and begin thoughts of shelter and hunting. Our whole focus would change and for a moment, we would be back to existing to live and no longer just living to exist. I romanticize about something like this happening. A sort of forced return to our roots. But then, I start to get really anxious and feel afraid. I feel an uneasy mindset of not being prepared for anything of that magnitude. How would you find water? I would you purify it so it’s drinkable? How would you defend yourself? How the hell would you hunt something? I don’t know even know the slightest thing about survival and it makes me realize that we’re not even humans anymore. We’re mice in a lab. Caged and kept in ideal conditions. Unaware of the surroundings and incapable of survival outside of our boundaries.

And then, without hesitation, my mind strays to people like Bear Gryll’s and all those survival shows. “I need to be more like them.”, “I need to learn more about how to make my own fire.” and then, I choose to stop thinking about everything all together before I really get panicked.

The point is, as humans, whose roots stem deep from within nature, I think we’ve really strayed from ourselves. We used to own the world, and now, in a split second, it could own us and we would have absolutely no say in the fates we would share. Get out of the concrete jungle and learn more about the world around you. It’s not a pastime, it’s a necessity.