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The cast and crew made their debut

A fill light shines bright as we shoot into the night

An actor or two and a lukewarm brew


What will come through when the dialogue hits you?

Will you wonder who and if it’s true?

Hollywood can play you like they do

I click record and your heart’s explored

An image reward for an opinion ignored


Watch this unfold as a story untold

Her eyes divine, he says his line

She drinks her wine, he can’t align


Can the camera tell you how to love?

Or must we learn who we let go of?

The director’s main debut, a premier all for you

A subtitle reads and your life proceeds.

A seed in the mind, a curtain behind.

fallen petal, heart of metal.

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the day was comprised of sweet nectar.

she was bathing in the sun’s eye, hello and goodbye.

the leaves in dance, the heart in trance.

her mind whole, in love’s control.

a celestial soul falling into a lifeless hole.

fallen petal, heart of metal.



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…Overflow the mind with love, and suffering dissipates like the residual smoke of a day forgotten.

Inherit the sacred union of heart and mind, and no mystery will go unanswered.

Witness the dance of change, and remain still in it’s blissful awakening.


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…How did we ever turn our backs on nature?

Plants are the Earth’s soul reaching out to us from within it’s crystalline core.

The Sun is the Earth’s partner and forever loves it with all of its might.

Each day is a beautiful tango of life’s everlasting relationship with sacred light.

You are a manifestation of seed and light, intertwined.

Part earth, part sky.
Part water, part I.

Each breath you take, your translation of the sun and earth’s dance.
Each step, a blooming of your petals.
Each tear, a falling of your leaves.

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall.
Each day, each year, each Life – reborn.